Careers At Dragonfly

If you are a craftsman. An artisan. If you have a discerning palette and find purpose in creativity. If you desire to be committed to a family and find joy in meaningful connection. If you desire to always be improving. Then welcome to the table.

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Our Vision

We are craftsmen, artisans, and a
family. We imagine restaurants and
cuisine that push Japanese beyond sushi.

Our Mission

At Dragonfly, it is our love of craft
and artful flavor that compels us to
create meaningful connections for every
discerning palette that sits at our table.

Our Values

Beyond red lanterns
Past flavorful dishes and concoctions
We are driven by our passion to improve
And are only as strong as our family
With humility we always put others first
Because of our commitment to each other
We are held accountable to a higher standard
Ensuring that integrity frames our every situation
And understand that memorable service is our only option
Our reputation rests on the creativity of every dish and drink
And is why we live out the Kaizen with every decision
We find joy in every meaningful connection
And purpose in every detail of our work