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Kaizen—to always be improving. The spirit that drives us. Fish flown in from Japan. Produce from the farm. Everything fresh. Our reputation rests on the creativity of every dish and drink. We find joy in every meaningful connection. And purpose in every detail.

What is Izakaya?

Savory. Artful. Authentic. Flavorful dishes and spirited concoctions. People gathered around the table. Friends. Neighbors. Family. Sharing dishes. Sharing thoughts. Sharing moments here in Gainesville Florida.

Dragonfly Gainesville

Dragonfly Gainesville

A modern Japanese pub. Authentic. Artful. Fresh. Sushi and Sashimi. Saké. A globally inspired menu.



Sunday – Thursday 5 – 10

Friday & Saturday 5 – 11:00

Happy Hour

Sunday – Thursday 5 - 7

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Additional Locations

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

7972 Via Dellagio Way
Orlando, FL 32819

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meet our staff

Jeffrey Allen

Chef De Cuisine

Jeffrey Allen inspires the kitchen with a purity that rings in each dish. Humbl and sophomoric. He believes in the virtue of learning and the virtue of pork. Saying, 'Every part of the pig is just magical.'

An echo of Mom's homemade pimento cheese sandwich roots his budding creative energy.

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Kristin Amron

Bar Manager

Kristin believes, Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity. She strives to liberate geniuses in her team through tough love. Loves bourbon, rye, cheese and Yo-Yo Ma. All secret ingredients for bold, enduring flavors.

Favorite food is spinach and carrots. Hearty fervor for the organic soul.

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Ray Leung

Culinary Director

Chef Ray is the moxie. Our Kyoto. Cultural heart of Japan. Rustic. Artful. Comforting. Teasing out geniuses from his chefs. Motivating. Learning. Teaching. Always pushes forward. Evolving without fear. Homely yet sumptuous. He has no secrets.

Rice, raw eggs and soy sauce returns him to his childhood.

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Song Kim

Executive Director

Song focuses on principles. He affirms, 'If you can look in the mirror every day without regret, your integrity is in check.' Detailed and Committed. But always accountable. Believes in the natural flavors of the Earth. Fresh. Purifying. Energizing.

Favorite food are green salads. Soups and stews from his childhood reinforce family values.

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Hirofumi Leung


Hiro is the keeper of the brand. Executing the vision by creating restaurants that push Japanese beyond sushi. Beacon of Passion and Kaizen. He never settles. Always striving. Always learning.

Finds comfort in natto and yamaimo over steaming hot rice because it reminds him of the joy of the farm he grew up in Okinawa Japan.

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