Dragonfly Gainesville Event: Giving Back through Omikuji 2017

Posted on: 05.31.2017

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Kaizen—continuous improvement. It’s the motivation that drives us. Our innovation, our dedication to craft. Our desire to serve. The five cultural values expressed in our Bushido. These pillars ground the decisions we make—in work and in life.

Our team’s day-to-day decisions are felt—and tasted—by everyone who shares a meal with us. Fish flown in from Japan. Produce from the farm. House-made bitters and signature infusions. Freshness and creativity, real and tangible.

We delight in the reputation our passions have helped us build in our community. But, we are driven to do more. We want to touch the lives of those who haven’t yet dined with us. To help strengthen the bonds made outside our doors. And, to give Gainesville more by participating in the community on a personal level daily.

In our desire to share and connect, we are incorporating the Japanese tradition of Omikuji as our newest vehicle for charitable giving.


Omikuji (or sacred lot) are fortunes written on strips of paper. The fortunes are folded and displayed at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples throughout Japan. Each Omikuji slip contains a printed fortune. For a small donation (to spur on good luck), one can be selected at random. Once unrolled or unfolded, the paper will reveal a fortune to help predict the future of the one who selects it


Omikuji Wall in Dragonfly Gainesville.
Our adaptation is a simple one. Instead of selecting a fortune for yourself, you’ll be sending your prayer/wish out to the universe and help grant the wishes and dreams of others through the support of a charitable giving. Here’s the process:

In addition to the charitable funds collected through our Omikuji wall, we work with our charity partner to put on additional events throughout their 6-month collection period. During these additional events, food, time, space, and resources are donated to our partner on behalf of the Dragonfly team.


Ronald McDonald House LogoFor the last four years, we’ve been honored to partner with Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida on International Sushi Day. Through that partnership, we’ve helped them raise over four thousand dollars in support of their mission to keep families close to their seriously ill children by providing comfy beds, home-cooked meals, and all the comforts of home as they travel for access to the world-class medical care provided right here in Gainesville. In 2016 alone they provided a total of 10,152 family nights in support of 627 families.

Even with that success, there were almost 500 families turned away in 2016 because the House was at full capacity. By selecting RMHC North Central Florida as our very first Omikuji Charity Wall partner, we will help them continue to keep families close to their seriously ill children.

We’ve already started accepting donations, so join us for dinner, lunch, or even a happy hour, and share your support with an Omikuji Donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida!

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*The winner chosen charity partner selected for our January-June period is subject to approval from the Dragonfly team.