Favorite Pairings at Dragonfly Gainesville


Yellow Tail Pesto

It Started with Tea…. Growing up in Japan (and later in Hong Kong), I never understood and appreciated all the fuss over my dad’s overzealousness lunchtime tea drinking habits. It was always the debate over choice of Chrysanthemum or Aged Pu-er Tea. I always chose the Aged Pu-er Tea. It just made everything I ate taste so […]

Dragonfly Doral Celebrity Charity Challenge


Dragonfly Doral Celebrity Charity Challenge Menu

  Dragonfly Doral Celebrity Charity Challenge We’re honored to be a part of this great community, so we’re giving back with what we do best—food! With the help of 5 local celebrities, we’ve curated a special $35 price fixe menu. Anytime you dine with us in May 2018, tell your server or bartender you want […]

Mother’s Day with Dragonfly Orlando


Orlando Mother's Day

Treat mom to an Unlimited Izakaya Lunch for Mother’s Day in Orlando Join us Sunday, from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm on May 13th to celebrate Mother’s Day in Orlando with our special Mother’s Day unlimited Izakaya lunch! Better than a buffet, we’ll be preparing a variety of classic Izakaya dishes made to order and delivered right to […]

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