Dragonfly Restaurants Blog Post: All Sushi Rice is Not Created Equal

Posted on: 11.10.2017

Tamaki Gold Koshhikari sushi rice and live Blue Crab used in the Dragonfly Chahan (Japanese Garlic Blue Crab Fried Rice).

Only The Best Sushi Rice

At Dragonfly, we recognize that you can’t just use any old sushi rice to make great sushi. Of the more than 35,000 varieties of rice in the world, sushi rice is made with a Japanese short-grain variety, also known as Japonica.  This distinct, plump grain contains more moisture than other rice varieties and has the unique ability to bind together to form a stickiness and backbone for the many types of sushi.

Among the several types of Japanese short grain rice, it is crucial to use the correct variety to ensure the best flavor and consistency. The most recognized and distinguished rice is Koshihikari. Koshihikari is what’s used to make Tamaki rice, a premium sushi rice. Only the best chef’s use Tamaki brand rice. So, it’s what you will find behind the sushi counters at all of our Dragonfly locations.

The combination of soil characteristics, climate, and pure crystal clear water of the Sierra Mountains produces the perfectly plump Koshihikari kernel. Tamaki rice has received numerous accolades, including an award at the International Japanese Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation for the past seven consecutive years.  It’s renowned for having the perfect amount of stickiness and for maintaining its firmness and flavor over time, making it an integral part of our sushi experience. You will also enjoy its notable sweet aroma.

So, the next time you take a bite out of sushi, take notice of the quality of the rice and not just the fish.