Dragonfly Restaurants “Our Table” Blog Post: World Saké Day 2017

Posted on: 10.02.2017

World Saké Day Celebration flight image.


World Saké Day Celebration

It’s time to celebrate Saké—the national drink of Japan. World Saké day kicks off Sunday, Oct 1st, but we’re celebrating for the whole month! Join us anytime in October and try our special premium Saké flight. For only $25 you’ll get to sample three premium Sakés, things you won’t typically find on any by-the-glass menus.

Tedorigawa “Chrysanthymum Meadow
Prefecture & Style: ishikawa prefecture | yamahai daiginjo
Tasting Notes: supple with imprints of honey and herbs

Tentaka Kuni “Hawk in the Heavens
Prefecture & Style: tochigi prefecture | tokubetsu junmai
Tasting Notes: aromas of roasted walnuts, rich texture, earthy shiitake mushroom flavor

Konteki “Pearls of Simplicity”
Prefecture & Style: kyoto prefecture | junmai daiginjo
Tasting Notes: bright, floral aromas, honeydew, citrus, long and elegant finish

Prefecture& Style: hyogo prefecture | nigori
Tasting Notes: silky, creamy texture, bold citrus sweetness