Dragonfly Orlando Event: Knife Sharpening with Master Lau 2019

Posted on: 07.04.2019

Knife Sharpening with Vincent Kazuhito Lau of Korin Trading Co.

Learn to Sharpen from a Master!

Join us on Saturday, July 20th as we open the bar early to welcome Vincent Kasuhito Lau of Korin International into the Dragonfly of Orlando into our Sand Lake Road kitchen. Vincent will be to showcasing the latest in Japanese steel and running a live demonstration on the knife sharpening and repair techniques used by master chefs the world over.

During this interactive event, Joaquin and the Dragonfly team will be starting the Happy Hour drinks early by pouring BOGO specialty cocktails, craft beer, and wine by the glass for attendees as Vincent share’s his knife sharpening knowledge with aspiring home and professional chefs helping students and young cooks to excel in the kitchen. Any orders that are placed the day of the event will be extended a 15% discount and free shipping. All orders will ship within 1-2 days.


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The Importance of Knife Sharpening

Many sushi chefs sharpen their precious knives at the end of each work day. Edge life versus ease of sharpening – it is up to you to balance these considerations and choose an appropriate knife. However, you should choose a knife that matches your level of sharpening experience and meets your needs. If you are inexperienced with Japanese knives and water stones, try to choose a knife that is easier for you to sharpen. As you train your knife against the stone, you begin to personalize the edge to your specific needs and sharpening style. With practice and good technique, your knife should become sharper than it was in its original condition.

About Vincent

Trained in the techniques of forging, repair, and sharpening by master craftsman and Keijiro Doi and Grand Master Sharpener Shouzou Mizuyama, Mr. Lau has over 10 years of sharpening experience. As resident sharpening master for Korin, Vincent has traveled the world to speak with forging masters gaining mastery in the repair, sharpening, honing, and forging of premium knives—both Western and traditional Japanese styles.

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