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Dragonfly Restaurants Event: Charity Challenge Doral 2018


Dragonfly Doral Celebrity Charity Challenge Menu

  Dragonfly Doral Celebrity Charity Challenge We’re honored to be a part of this great community, so we’re giving back with what we do best—food! With the help of 5 local celebrities, we’ve curated a special $35 price fixe menu. Anytime you dine with us in May 2018, tell your server or bartender you want […]

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Dragonfly Restaurants Event: Orlando Gourmet Soiree 2017


Gourmet Soiree Charity Comp Graphic

About The Event The Gourmet Soiree Chef Showdown pairs guests with local chefs in a unique culinary competition. At this exciting event, area chefs are paired with event guests to prepare a delicious and healthy meal. The teams are competing for the title of “Best Dish,” so the teams are motivated to bring their best! The […]

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Dragonfly Gainesville Event: Giving Back through Omikuji 2017


Omikuji Wall in Dragonfly Gainesville.

Kaizen—continuous improvement. It’s the motivation that drives us. Our innovation, our dedication to craft. Our desire to serve. The five cultural values expressed in our Bushido. These pillars ground the decisions we make—in work and in life. Our team’s day-to-day decisions are felt—and tasted—by everyone who shares a meal with us. Fish flown in from […]

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