Dragonfly Restaurants “Our Table” Blog Post General: Dragonfly is Growing!


Crabs on ice at Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market.

We’re Nearly Ready, Are You? In September, we broke ground on our third Dragonfly Izakaya. Our goals? Simple. Apply the lessons we’ve learned to share our craft, our flavors, our Izakaya & our table with new friends in South Florida Bring an authentic catch to consumption experience to Doral Push the definition of Japanese past […]

Dragonfly Restaurants “Our Table” Blog Post: What is Teishoku


Picture of Spicy Udon Set

What are Teishoku Sets? Literally translated, Teishoku means “set meal.” Teishoku lunch sets are a traditional, nostalgic, meals served in households across Japan. These type of meals evolved from the Ichiju-Issai meals that consisted of rice, pickled vegetables, soup and a simple main dish. Ichiju-Issai was originally a staple in Zen temples. Where are they […]

Dragonfly Gainesville Event: Valentine’s Day 2016


yuzu whip, toasted brown rice anglaise, espresso jelly, candied orange

ARTFUL FLAVORS, CREATED DAILY As lovers of our craft, we inject creativity and imagination into our food and drinks daily. But, for Valentine’s Day something extra special is a must. This year, chef Jeff and the team have brought in fresh baby bonito, created two new sushi rolls, new squid and pork dishes and a Japanese inspired […]