Dragonfly Restaurants “Our Table” Blog Post: What is Robatayaki

Posted on: 12.20.2015

Table with Robata grilled items, sushi, sashimi, sake.


Robatayaki: A Brief History

Robatayaki (or robata for short) is an authentic style of Japanese cooking that originated centuries ago on the northernmost island of Japan—Hokkaido. The industrious fishermen here created Robatayaki by encasing binchotan charcoals into stone boxes. These boxes were used as both a portable heat source and a stone cooking hearth—and robata was born.

Closeup of glowing binchotan charcoal on a robatayaki grill.

Literally translated, Robatayaki means “fireside cooking.” A true robata izakaya features skewered meats, vegetables and seafood cooked over hot binchotan charcoal.

Because Binchotan is free of chemicals, nearly smokeless and heats to such high temperatures (over 1000°), it preserves the true flavors and juices of the food being grilled. That pure flavor is what set’s our dinner menu apart. When you visit, be sure to give the robata menu a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Customer Reviews

We take pride in creating meaningful connections with everyone who dines with us. Well over 1,000 reviews on the major review sites, and a Trip Advisor Award of Excellence, proves that pride hasn’t gone unnoticed. Don’t take our word for it…here’s what some of our customers have said.

Menu Item: Chicken Breast

“Dragonfly is great! I love the Robata Grill offerings, like the enoki mushroom, and chicken skewers.” —Jonathan; Yelp



Menu Item: Prawn

“I tried the prawns on the Robata grill – I had to check out if these ‘special’ coals lived up to the hype. There is definitely a difference from American grills…” —Melissa; Yelp



Menu Item: Wagyu Skewers“What gives the menu some extra oomf is the Robata grill selections – the Gyu beef skewers were nicely done and tasty, and you can’t go wrong with any of the bacon wrapped veggie skewers. Overall, Dragonfly was a hit and I’d definitely go back.” —HoboDiner; TripAdvisor


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