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All Sushi Rice is Not Created Equal


Tamaki Gold Koshhikari rice and live Blue Crab used in the Dragonfly Chahan (Japanese Garlic Blue Crab Fried Rice).

Only The Best Sushi Rice At Dragonfly, we recognize that you can’t just use any old sushi rice to make great sushi. Of the more than 35,000 varieties of rice in the world, sushi rice is made with a Japanese short-grain variety, also known as Japonica.  This distinct, plump grain contains more moisture than other rice varieties […]

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Line Caught vs. Farm Raised?


HEALTH BENEFITS OF A “FISHY” DIET With summer in full swing, an amazing source of lean, natural protein to help keep you active and healthy is fish! Fish is filled with nutritional benefits and loaded with flavor and taste! Key nutrients found in fish (Vitamin D & Omega-3 fatty acids) help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fight […]

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Sushi: A Brief History


Kohida sushi from Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market in Downtown Doral.

The History of Sushi When you hear “sushi,” you probably think of Japan. But, did you know it was actually first conceptualized in China? Born as a way to preserve food, sushi (as we know it today) didn’t exist until the late 20th century. In its early stages, it was simply salted fish placed in […]

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Octopus: A Japanese Staple Becomes a Trend


Braised Octopus at Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company in Gainesville Florida

While this mysterious ocean creature of the deep has started to pop-up on menus across the country, the octopus has actually served as a staple throughout the Mediterranean and in Asia for almost a thousand years. A Mediterranean Influence In the Mediterranean, it has been a staple since ancient times. On the Greek islands, it’s […]

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Dragonfly Cultural Values


Dragonfly Bushido Image

In the day of the samurai, the concept of cultural values was very important. Culture was an unwritten, unspoken principle guiding the lives, and decisions of ancient Japan’s sacred warriors. We’ve developed our own Dragonfly Culture anchored by a belief in a set of five cultural values. Our Cultural Values set the tone for the tough decisions […]

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5-Course Saké Pairing Dinner


Sake Pairing Dinner Header

Inspired by saké, Chef Jeff and the team are bringing you an exclusive 5-course Saké Pairing Dinner on June 22nd. To wet your appetite for discovery, we asked Chef to share a few thoughts on the dinner. Q: Basil chive flowers aren’t something that you see on a menu every day, what made you select them as […]

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Giving Back Through Omikuji


Omikuji Wall in Dragonfly Gainesville.

Kaizen—continuous improvement. It’s the motivation that drives us. Our innovation, our dedication to craft. Our desire to serve. The five cultural values expressed in our Bushido. These pillars ground the decisions we make—in work and in life. Our team’s day-to-day decisions are felt—and tasted—by everyone who shares a meal with us. Fish flown in from […]

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2017 Spring Omakase Reviewed


Embark on A Culinary Journey | Dragonfly’s Spring Omakase Menu Dragonfly has made a reputable name for itself in the Gainesville food scene. Boasting carefully sourced ingredients and unwavering quality with a modern, rustic atmosphere, Dragonfly has become a go-to spot for a refined dining experience. With the one-of-a-kind Spring Omakase menu that launched in […]

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Japanese Whisky – 6 Things You Must Know


Japanese Whisky Flight

Over the past few years, Japanese Whisky has been popping up on bar menus across the country. Here’s what you need to know. Japanese Whisky is Good. Really Good. In 2015 Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible (the world’s top whisky guide) named Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 from Suntory the best whisky in the world. […]

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Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Happy New Year!)


Fireworks over Japan.

  Japanese New Year or oshogatsu is one of the most important traditional holidays celebrated in Japan. While in many Western cultures, New Year’s celebrations include loud parties, ball-dropping and champagne popping, oshogatsu is a much quieter affair. Japanese New Year celebrations often extend through January 3, and most Japanese families choose to spend the holiday […]

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